The fabric is provided by Lammerts van Bueren Company, specialists in the production of sails and covers for the nautical industry.

nimmerdor chairs

Only first class materials of high quality are used in the production of the Nimmerdor chair.

The wood is either european beech, cherry or oak wood and comes with CE and Durability certification

Fixings consist of copper conforming to European measures (M8 and M6) and stainless steel.
The Netherlands
Jurgen Bekker
Byronstraat 32
3533 VZ Utrecht
00 31 641378685

United Kingdom
Norman Bekker
55 Broadhurst
Ashtead, KT 21 1 QD
00 44 7818581878

The frame is covered with fabric “distinctly British” patterns, with quality and durability being key features. The use of copper fixings, the Colonial is available on demand in endless versions. The Colonial is the ideal chair for conservatories, patios or on yachts.

Leather, Old Dutch sails, grass and straw is used to cover the characteristic frame, providing strength and comfort.
Production of “the Raw“ is restricted and is therefore highly exclusive and personalised with its own sequence number.

The Dutchcow has the original Dutch cow skin applied to the frame.

The Nautical uses high quality varnish including Epiphanies and Sikkens, traditionally used in yachting, and is available in various color combinations with gloss and satin finishes.

The Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection is a selection of handcrafted bags made of tough, recycled sailcloth from Americas Cup boats, Maxi yachts, high performance racing boats and left over sail maker's scrap. Because the sailcloth has been tested on boats around the world the eco friendly and water resistant EVSC bags have an international chic appeal.

Ella Vickers and Nimmerdor Chairs:
a splendid combination!